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I am writing this review to prevent this from happening to others:

When hiring Evolution Contractors, I asked for completion of my condo remodel project correct/ timely, and the ability to handle the permit process. I was assured by the individual (Irv Valle) supervising my job, he had 30 years of experience and was on a first name basis with everyone in the city permit department.

I signed a contract in August 2017. Permits not submitted until Oct 30, 2017. All failed city review for missing basic information and paperwork. After 2 weeks, I notified the supervisor and he had no idea what was happening.

After communicating daily, patiently giving multiple chances to complete the job, months of no progress and multiple permit inspections failing, I stopped the job to get their attention, (Feb.2018). We reset items to be completed within a time frame. After meeting only 1 out of 9 deadlines for items completed, I had to fire them in March 2018. After almost 7 months and paying installments totaling over $21,000, here is what I got.

(see pictures). I provided all the materials and paid for the labor. This should be a 3 month job.

I gave Evolution the chance to make it right multiple times. I gave one last chance with a project walk through, (same pictures) where they assessed the job and wanted more money.

I told them they are losing money due to poor management of the job/labor and this is not my problem. After the walk through, they said they were firing the supervisor as he lied on how much of the job was completed.

They also said they will lien my property for $5,000 more and sorry it’s just business. Based on the amount of time, money spent, and the pictures, would you hire them?

Product or Service Mentioned: Evolution Contractors Of West Palm Beach Remodeling.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Evolution Contractors Of West Palm Beach Cons: Not professional, Reliablilty, Dirty, Damaged property, Quality of work.

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