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Few months ago, I hired Lee Vogel from Evolution Contractors to renovate my Kitchen and he came to my house in South Florida, and from the very moment he started working on it, I knew he was not professional.

He kept flirting with me which I find very disturbing being the fact that I'm married! But I told him I did appreciate his lack of respect towards women.

Then he kept delaying the work in my kitchen and installed some cabinets, but they were not straight and damaged! I was so upset because my cabinets were very pretty and expensive, but the people he worked with did not what they were doing.

In addition, once I asked him to leave my home due to the fact he was disrespectful towards my family and doing a really bad bad construction work, he wanted to charge me for something he never completed and kept saying "i have a business to run!"

I will never hire Evolution Contractor!! Stay away from Lee Vogel he is a rip off and defrauds everyone that gives him money! once you give him money, then is lost.

I decided to write this after few people contacted me about similar bad experience with him, and we have all decided to come up front and let the people of Palm beach, Broward and Dade county about this rip off contractor.

Just hire someone else.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Evolution Contractors Of West Palm Beach Cons: Fraud, Rip off, Not professional, Stole money from us, Kitchen cabinets were damaged.

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This is a fake post from a "gentleman" who we were in the process of renovating his bathroom. There is always two sides to every story.

The truth from our end is that he hired a friend to work on his drain in the shower that we were in the process of renovating to save money. The problem with this arrangement is if there was ever an issue in the future we could not guarantee the work. I told him that we would need to remove and replace what has been completed and he was not happy with that response.

He almost immediately put a complaint to the BBB. After the BBB investigation they understood and confirmed our situation then they ended the case.

To all of the people investigating this company I ask you this question - "If the BBB does not see validity in the complaint why should you?"


I fired Lee Vogel and his cohort Ryan and Evolution contractors when I realized his company is not legit. His guy Ryan did not know how to do floors.

I hired Lee to float my floors. I bought very nice wood flooring, it was bouncing all over the place when Ryan installed it. He blamed the material and forced me to return it and buy new ones which did the same thing. I fired him and he walked away for $4000 of my money.

I reported him to the BBB of Broward and they cowered and would not report him. If enough people complain we can get this guy for good. I reported his 100's of craigslist postings but he kept blocking my reviews.

They do NOT have a flooring license but they do have a contracting license. This tells me just because you hire a licensed contractor does't mean you are hiring an honest professional.


Lee Vogel and his workers destroyed my floors and after I asked for a refund he disappeared and never returned my calls or emails.

people should be aware who they do business with, and do their research before hiring a contractor, this guy and his joke of company called Evolution Contractors is a joke!

Stay away and hire a reputable company.


This is also a fake from one very out of touch customer...Look at all of these so called "real complaints" They were all around October 2015..Evolution Contractors was not even working on that many project at that time. Its one guy posting non-events.. We never did work on floors for a John in West Palm Beach...Veronica Sanders was never a customer of Evolution Contractors


People just keep reporting his online posts from Craigslist here. Let Craigslist known of his scam so he will not be allowed to post his fraud services with his name, company name, or phone numbers.


I have also submitted complains about Lee Vogel evolution on craigslist. He stole 4000 of my money and I complained to the BBB of broward and they did nothing. I have complained on craigslist but my postings get blocked by him.


Lee Vogel has been creating contractor companies and defrauding people, and once the company starts receiving too many complaints he opens up another one.

Pegasus General Contractors Inc filed as a Domestic For-Profit Corporation in the State of Texas and is no longer active.

This corporate entity was filed approximately seven years ago on Wednesday, August 27, 2008 as recorded in documents filed with Texas Secretary of State.

Then he registered another one in Florida!!

Professional Contractors Support, Inc. filed as a Domestic for Profit Corporation in the State of Florida and is no longer active. This corporate entity was filed approximately four years ago on Thursday, October 20, 2011 as recorded in documents filed with Florida Department of State.

There are a couple of officers known to have been associated with this organization.

Then due to so many problems and illegal activity Lee Vogel registered another one called Evolution Contractors. He is a scam and would steal your money!!


This guy's license should be revoked! He is stealing money from honest families, not only he is doing flooring without a license, but he would walk out with your money!!


I just filed a complaint within the Florida License department. Here is the link for all others that have been rip off by Evolution Contractors and took your money away.

Make sure everyone within all south florida is aware of their malpractice.


Oh he is the worst contractor in Florida! People like him should not be given a license to work nor should they be stealing from honest people.


I had the similar issue with this Contractor in Florida. He damaged my tiles and didn't want to be responsible for replacing them.

stay away from LEE VOGEL from Evolution Contractor.

I already found two BBB complaints and I'm sure more people would come forward once they start reading and doing their research on-line.


We thought he was honest, a family man. What a scam artist...Gave him $1500 down payment for a total bathroom renovation.

His men ripped it all out and then demanded another $2000 before he would even start the construction part. When I wouldn't give him money in advance he said forget it find someone else. Now I have no.

bathroom *** his workman put in the wall through my bedroom. Had I seen these reviews I never would have hired this *** artist.